Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Coffee and Paint Do Not Mix

The memory of one of my college art classes came back to me today. Way back when as I attended the University of Georgia School of Fine Arts, one of my drawing courses was in the morning, so I worked and drank crappy machine dispensed coffee. Everyone in the class was working diligently on whatever, and I just so happened to be inking a work. I reached down without paying attention and proceeded to drink my ink rinse water. I knew what I did pretty quick becuase it was cold, but just not quick enough. So spitting out a mouthful of black ink I quickly but calmly, not wanting anyone to notice black ink dripping down my chin onto the front of my shirt, I went to the restroom where I attempted to rinse out as much black ink as possible from my mouth. Of course I went back to class with a black tongue and black ink spots on my shirt.

Well today as I painted not paying much attention, I again was drinking coffee and proceeded to rinse my brush out in my coffee cup. Luckily I realised what I did, but I still had this desire to just keep drinking my coffee. I thought better and fixed another cup. I guess the moral of the story is keep your rinse water on one side, and your drink on the other.

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